Destination Turkey

In this context , and after careful evaluation of the long experience, proven track record, solid financial background, professional management and extensive expertise in high profile ship recycling projects, DIDO has chosen the Aliaga ship recycling facilities of LEYAL ship recycling (and its affiliates) for the safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships.

The operations are performed in a controlled environment with proper land and sea containment infrastructure. All workers are trained for the specific duty and undergo on-hands training and drills. PPEs are madatory and are provided to all workers for their specific task. Lifting is done by mechanized means (heavy lift land cranes/floating cranes) and steel cutting is done with a combination of torch cutting (oxy-acetylene) and cold cutting (mobile shear). Hazardous materials present on board the ship are identified, handled, removed, and temporarily stored by the organization specifically licensed by the Ministry of Environment of Turkey. The final disposal of the wastes is done under the control of the Ministry of Environment at licensed processing facilities as per European standards and guidelines. All operations are monitored and recorded, including near miss events, incidents and accidents.

The company has been awarded a number of high profile ship recycling contracts to the full satisfaction of the corresponding customers. High profile projects include major European ship owners and Navies; for example the company has been contracted for the recycling of a 150,000 deadweight FPSO by a European oil major (the first and only FPSO to have been recycled in Turkey), and more recently, has been awarded the recycling of the British Navy flag ship aircraft cariers HMS Ark Royal and HMS Invincible.

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